Pluto in Libra Generation 1971-1984

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The celestial object Pluto carries a bone-deep resonance.

It affects us on the most fundamental level of consciousness. Pluto is like a powerful ocean wave that destroys sandcastles we’ve created. It is the force that rips away our Neptunian playthings: mental fantasies and avoidance of reality to enjoy “one more day in the sun”.  It forces us to deal with the unflattering truth of the way things are. Pluto is the ultimate equalizer.

Libra is symbolized by scales, representing beauty, symmetry, balance, and fairness. Imagine a peaceful lake or a home with perfect feng shui, that is Libra’s aesthetic. It’s natural placement is the 7th house, which concerns close relationships with significant people in our lives, usually our mate. Libra represents the embodiment of all the qualities within ourselves, both positive and negative, that we project and thus place upon someone else.


With Pluto in Libra, much of our motivation, both intentionally and at an unconscious level is to create balance of power in our relationships. Initially, we may do this ineffectually by trying to enforce fairness from our own personal biases and wounds. This leads to a Plutonian power struggle, compelling us to take more from others than we should, and alternately less than we deserve.

The collective purpose of the Pluto in Libra Generation

is to uproot and compost dysfunctional, unbalanced personal relationships on a global scale and create a more harmonious, lasting balance of power. Our close connections are designed to be opportunities for transcendence and regeneration.

In order to do this, we must challenge negative expressions of dominance and control and redefine how we, both personally and as a collective, relate to each other on an intimate basis.  We are the generation that is redefining how lovers relate to each other, how parents connect with their children, and how to preserve lasting harmony with our environment.

We balance the scales of Libra when we take ownership of the projections we put onto those close to us; whether they are projections of greatness or flaws. Eventually we learn to transcend power struggles by becoming aware of basic, primordial equality.

We may pressure ourselves to be pleasant and agreeable,

to focus on “keeping the peace” rather than transforming the status quo. We may have fear of erupting a giant, smoldering cyst that could potentially backlash onto us and disturb an already precarious sense of harmony. When we were younger, we may have been encouraged not to express ourselves honestly, not to spoil the peace (Libra) with intense emotions and uncomfortable truths (Pluto). When we acquiesce to subtle pressures or controlling behavior of a family member or mate, we enable their dysfunctional expectations of relating. This is the negative expression of Pluto in Libra.

We may be faced with the choice to internalize the discomfort, or remain true to ourselves and allow the potential discomfort to be felt by another. Consequentially, when we hold back our truthful reflection from people in our lives, we only energize the sense of imbalance, robbing those close to us of the opportunity to witness themselves. An invaluable gift!

Pluto in Libra has an inborn talent to disrupt superficial peace in order to forge a more authentic, enduring balance. As we dig deep to find our internal strength, we will uncover the courage to relate authentically. Doing so, we turn the forces of Pluto to our favor, empowering us to destroy manipulative dynamics and discover unshakable balance within ourselves.


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