The Evolutionary Function of Bliss

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On the deepest level our DNA is generated by waves of sound and voltage existing in the ultraviolet spectrum and is rhythmically connected to the sound waves of the heart.

Energy of Love

When we experience bliss, it changes our bodies to become superior conductors of energy.

First, the waveforms of our breath and heart beat begin to take the shape of the golden ratio and become harmonically embedded within each other. This is called coherence, or “perfect nesting”.



Two Golden Ratio Waveforms
Imagine several intersecting waveforms — like drops of water radiating out on the surface of a lake. When we create harmony within the rhythms of our body, instead of the ripples canceling each other out (like they would on the surface of the lake), they multiply onto themselves, creating acceleration – a slow pulse to a fast pulse.

The longer we sustain our state of bliss, the greater the multiplication and acceleration of golden ratio waves — eventually surpassing the speed of light.

At its apex, the force of this harmonic embedding creates a magnetic vortex which allows the energy of bliss to penetrate into the deepest layers of your DNA and catalyze the activation of your previously unused genetic code.

About 97% of our DNA is inactive, so there is much potential in our genetic blueprint that we have yet to discover!

Cultivating & sustaining coherent bliss through the ancient methods that Rachael Johnson teaches enables one to continually open and integrate new genetic information; surpassing one’s previous limitations & opening the gateway to limitless, self-sustaining bliss.

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