Oracles have been consulted since ancient times for wise and insightful counsel. Rachael has an innate ability to receive astute, beneficial insights into the root of people’s physical ailments and life circumstances. 

Rachael uses her breakthrough method, Awakened Neutrality, to collapse the polarities that condition our mental habits and behavior, facilitating a quantum leap from knowledge to embodied wisdom and liberation from old patterns.

Awakened Neutrality is a present-day application of the Middle Way in Buddhism, and is rooted in deep, transformational wisdom that you can seamlessly incorporate into your life.


Remote Consult | Zoom Session

This session provides guidance and insight into your deepest questions. It is designed to accelerate your spiritual growth and help you orient to a grounded space of clarity, connection, and coherence in body, heart and mind. 

Sessions are $150 per hour.


“I would simply like to express my sincere appreciation for our session that we had. My life has changed in so may wonderful ways, it has done a 180 degree flip! The completeness of your answers to my questions, coupled with your truly unique and deeply insightful vision into what was going on inside of me is truly (and I mean this) impeccable.

I was feeling stuck and entrenched in fear after having lost a deep relationship. Since our session I have regained my inner vision, but more so in ways that have deeply empowered my life to not just take back my power, but do that in a compassionate way. I made a life switch in following my heart string that you so lovingly showed me how to do, and stepped out on my own again.

Most importantly, you taught me the how and the why to connecting to my heart. And how to use that within my life. It has worked every time. Every time.

Thank you Rachael!”     – Paul Quilter