Pluto in Libra Generation 1971-1984

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The celestial object Pluto carries a bone-deep resonance.

It affects us on the most fundamental level of consciousness. Pluto is like a powerful ocean wave that destroys sandcastles we’ve created. It is the force that rips away our Neptunian playthings: mental fantasies and avoidance of reality to enjoy “one more day in the sun”.  It forces us to deal with the unflattering truth of the way things are. Pluto is the ultimate equalizer.

Libra is symbolized by scales, representing beauty, symmetry, balance, and fairness. Imagine a peaceful lake or a home with perfect feng shui, that is Libra’s aesthetic. It’s natural placement is the 7th house, which concerns close relationships with significant people in our lives, usually our mate. Libra represents the embodiment of all the qualities within ourselves, both positive and negative, that we project and thus place upon someone else.


With Pluto in Libra, much of our motivation, both intentionally and at an unconscious level is to create balance of power in our relationships. Initially, we may do this ineffectually by trying to enforce fairness from our own personal biases and wounds. This leads to a Plutonian power struggle, compelling us to take more from others than we should, and alternately less than we deserve.

The collective purpose of the Pluto in Libra Generation

is to uproot and compost dysfunctional, unbalanced personal relationships on a global scale and create a more harmonious, lasting balance of power. Our close connections are designed to be opportunities for transcendence and regeneration.

In order to do this, we must challenge negative expressions of dominance and control and redefine how we, both personally and as a collective, relate to each other on an intimate basis.  We are the generation that is redefining how lovers relate to each other, how parents connect with their children, and how to preserve lasting harmony with our environment.

We balance the scales of Libra when we take ownership of the projections we put onto those close to us; whether they are projections of greatness or flaws. Eventually we learn to transcend power struggles by becoming aware of basic, primordial equality.

We may pressure ourselves to be pleasant and agreeable,

to focus on “keeping the peace” rather than transforming the status quo. We may have fear of erupting a giant, smoldering cyst that could potentially backlash onto us and disturb an already precarious sense of harmony. When we were younger, we may have been encouraged not to express ourselves honestly, not to spoil the peace (Libra) with intense emotions and uncomfortable truths (Pluto). When we acquiesce to subtle pressures or controlling behavior of a family member or mate, we enable their dysfunctional expectations of relating. This is the negative expression of Pluto in Libra.

We may be faced with the choice to internalize the discomfort, or remain true to ourselves and allow the potential discomfort to be felt by another. Consequentially, when we hold back our truthful reflection from people in our lives, we only energize the sense of imbalance, robbing those close to us of the opportunity to witness themselves. An invaluable gift!

Pluto in Libra has an inborn talent to disrupt superficial peace in order to forge a more authentic, enduring balance. As we dig deep to find our internal strength, we will uncover the courage to relate authentically. Doing so, we turn the forces of Pluto to our favor, empowering us to destroy manipulative dynamics and discover unshakable balance within ourselves.


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How to be a Warrior of Love

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When the ancient Egyptians prepared a body for its journey to the afterlife, they knew to throw the brain away and keep the heart intact. The heart has an enormous magnetic field, about 60 times more powerful than the brain. It is an area of incredible spiritual potency and consciousness. The root of the wisdom eye is in the heart. It is the place where all differences dissolve, and polarities collapse. The heart is also symbolized as the wish fulfilling jewel, held by Bodhisattva of compassion, Chenrezig.  Our physical heart, namely the Bundle of His, is where the spark of life enters our body. In order to receive this energy, the heart itself must be unconditionally receptive and resonate with the deepest universal truths. To take the heart as your path to spiritual awakening is perhaps the most direct and difficult of all paths, thus the one who follows love must become a warrior.

A Warrior of Love allows themselves to feel and embrace the full spectrum of their emotions without becoming identified with judgment or fear. They transform themselves through the power of bringing unconscious emotions into the light of awareness. It is a path of unwavering presence and relentless devotion.

For many people, love is an experience that is idealized to great proportions. Many believe that once they find the right mate, life will be complete. And if they don’t, they have failed somehow.  Movies and culture teach us that romantic fulfillment is reliant on chance or some mysterious influence, when truly, we have not learned how to love ourselves or one another. We don’t understand how love’s medicine works.

Rather then trying to avoid pain and conflict, Warriors of Love EXPECT the sting of unconsciousness to arise when opening their hearts to another.  It is through the very process of loving that distortions are stirred up from the depths and made visible. Intense love calls up the darkest shadows. The strongest affinity rouses the most ferocious demons.


“The essence of warriorship, or the essence of human bravery, is refusing to give up on anyone or anything.”
― Chögyam Trungpa Rinpoche


We must break the conditioning that expects the “right” partnership to feel good all the time. Of course it is not healthy to stay in a pattern of suffering that never evolves. However, there is no “special” kind of love to hold out for, there is only love, and the willingness to grow — or not.

True love is merciless, the ultimate solvent. It is a bright mirror that reflects all the wounded places we’ve rejected in ourselves, leaving us with only two choices: to recognize the pain that dwells inside and embrace the opportunity to release these wounds, or run from the pain and blame our friend or partner as the source of our suffering. In these pivotal moments there is potential for either deepening our trauma or retrieving fragmented, rejected parts of ourselves.  As we cease to protect our weakness, love’s unifying power is able to open us into deeper joy and integration. Our weakness unguarded becomes a strength.

Warriors of Love choose to move in the direction of expansion and unity, rather than containment and control. Consciously releasing fears and insecurities whenever they are noticed, pain is taken as an opportunity for awakening.

If you are hurting, whether alone or with a partner, sit in your pain with a curious mind and open heart. It will eventually break open into something beautiful. It has to.

Real love will challenge you on every level, expose all the dark and ugly places you’ve judged or rejected in yourself, and ultimately annihilate your identity as an individual, separate being. Real love is terrifying. A pure force of ego annihilation. So many turn from or destroy that which awakens the deepest stirring of our hearts. A Warrior of Love understands this and embraces the challenge to keep opening despite the fear of rejection or loss.

Our deepest unconscious fears are exposed through loving deeply.  Intense unions have greater capacity for enlightenment, thus the shadow is stronger. If both of you can bear the shadow without losing consciousness, the rewards are immense. As Peter Murphy of Bauhaus so aptly put it, “The passion of lovers is for death.”  The death of the ego, the death of separation. Warriors of Love understand that their quest will ultimately lead to death, or as some call it, enlightenment. Yet they choose to continue on, fearlessly vulnerable, expressing their deepest heart regardless of outcome.

Those who embrace their darkness will live in light.

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Radiation Fighting Foods

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Check out this comprehensive list of radiation fighting foods that are good for everyday health and will help keep you vibrant.

Detoxify the thyroid with Sea Vegetables
All sea vegetables including kelp, dulse and arame are iodine and trace mineral rich and will push out radioactive iodine from the body while tonifying the thyroid gland. Be sure to purchase sea vegetables from the Atlantic ocean.  About 2-5% of the diet should be sea veggies.

Cleanse the Blood and Fortify the Immune System
Bee propolis, ginseng (all kinds), astragalus, licorice root, goldenseal, echinacea, burdock root, red clover blossom are superior immune building and blood cleansing herbs. Consider adding some of these into your diet to give your immune system a boost throughout the year, especially in winter time.

Sustain beauty with Sulfur Rich Foods

Kale, avocados, watercress, cabbage, turnips, cauliflower, raspberries, spinach, radishes, okra, chard, garlic, onions and fresh peas are all high in sulfur.  Sulfur is a mineral known for promoting beauty but it also protects and repairs DNA from the effects of radiation. It heals skin conditions such as acne, eczema, psoriasis, and is a precursor to the production collagen. Sulfur detoxes pollutants from the body and scavenges free radicals. Enjoy sulfur rich foods to stay healthy and youthful.

Get funky (in a good way) with fermented foods
Miso, sauerkraut, kombucha, chickpea tempeh, shoyu, yogurt, kefir, beet kvass and other fermented foods are the cornerstone to healthy digestion. These foods supply the body with healthy bacteria, which is especially important if you’ve taken antibiotics. There have been several anecdotal reports that regular consumers of fermented foods, both at Chernobyl and near nuclear bomb explosion in Japan, did not experience radiation sickness.


Enjoy the Benefits of Pectin Rich Foods
Grapefruit and oranges (especially the peels), carrots, bananas, beets, potatoes, strawberries, apples and brussel sprouts are all high in pectin which binds materials in the intestines, regulates cholesterol and provides healthy fiber. Pectin has been shown to bond or chelate with radioisotopes, especially strontium-90, reducing their absorption into the skeletal system.* Pectin rich foods should be grown locally, purchased organic, and enjoyed whenever possible.


Bring out the Heavy Defense with Chaparral
Chaparral, also known as creosote bush, is a beautiful desert herb that is useful in countering the effects of chemotherapy and other forms of radiation. This herb has a wide array of applications including the removal of heavy metals from the body, healing skin cancer and powerful anti-viral properties against HIV and all forms of Herpes. If you feel the need for a more intensive detoxification protocol, consider Chaparral.

Other powerful cleansing foods include:

~ Moringa Leaf powder for potassium

~ Black & green tea

~ Nutritional yeast

~ Fatty acid rich oils such as fermented Cod Liver Oil, safflower and sunflower oil

~ Zeolites for cellular detoxification

Would you like to receive a personalized diet and recipe plan for your unique constitution and health concerns?  Get a Nutrient Dense Food and Tonic Herb consultation with Rachael Johnson.

*A.A. Rubanovskaya, M.D. Journal of the American Medical Association, Nov. 18th 1962
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Healing the Inner Critic

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One of the biggest blocks to living a joyful life and being open to new experiences is self criticism. Self criticism stunts our growth and sabotages our happiness. Many of us were raised with criticism, causing the inner voice to adopt a tone of disapproving authority. Our conditioning trains us to believe that if we are very hard on ourselves, it will cause us to change for the better or prevent us from repeating a past mistake; regardless if it is in our power to change or not! Self criticism is a painfully destructive force that limits our ability to create a happy future, and causes us much suffering whenever thinking of the past.

What we are truly craving in these moments is self reflection.

healing inner critic self criticism

Self reflection is a vital aspect of growth that helps us learn from our mistakes and make better choices for the future without the emotional punch of self criticism.  It is a thoughtful and introspective way to gain insights into the past and make constructive changes.  So the next time you are tempted by self criticism, sit quietly, notice your thoughts and repeat this mantra:

The past need not dictate the future.

Freeing ourselves from the bondage of anticipating the repetition of our mistakes allows us to create a new experience, outside of the context of the past. It opens us to experience this fresh, undefined, uncreated moment. Letting go of bringing the past into the present releases us to taste the wild beauty of right Now.

We must become a loving parent to the part of ourselves that is still figuring life out. Be kind and understanding with yourself. Wherever you are in your life right now cannot begin to change until you lay the foundation of self-acceptance. It is truly not possible for you to be anything else but who you are now. The inner critic will try to prod and nag you into being “better”. All this will do is cause stress and depression. Although the mind does not always let you see it, you are perfect, right now.

All the potential of the world is open to you. Remember this, and allow yourself the relief of laying the inner critic to rest

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The Evolutionary Function of Bliss

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On the deepest level our DNA is generated by waves of sound and voltage existing in the ultraviolet spectrum and is rhythmically connected to the sound waves of the heart.

Energy of Love

When we experience bliss, it changes our bodies to become superior conductors of energy.

First, the waveforms of our breath and heart beat begin to take the shape of the golden ratio and become harmonically embedded within each other. This is called coherence, or “perfect nesting”.



Two Golden Ratio Waveforms
Imagine several intersecting waveforms — like drops of water radiating out on the surface of a lake. When we create harmony within the rhythms of our body, instead of the ripples canceling each other out (like they would on the surface of the lake), they multiply onto themselves, creating acceleration – a slow pulse to a fast pulse.

The longer we sustain our state of bliss, the greater the multiplication and acceleration of golden ratio waves — eventually surpassing the speed of light.

At its apex, the force of this harmonic embedding creates a magnetic vortex which allows the energy of bliss to penetrate into the deepest layers of your DNA and catalyze the activation of your previously unused genetic code.

About 97% of our DNA is inactive, so there is much potential in our genetic blueprint that we have yet to discover!

Cultivating & sustaining coherent bliss through the ancient methods that Rachael Johnson teaches enables one to continually open and integrate new genetic information; surpassing one’s previous limitations & opening the gateway to limitless, self-sustaining bliss.

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