Awakening Before Death

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Learning about the process of dying from a Tibetan Buddhist perspective has opened a deeper understanding about the nature of polarities and their role in cultivating wisdom. In general, there are many different types of awakening. It can occur at different times: before death, during death and after death. Awakening before death is the most ideal because we are able to enjoy it while still in our body. This level of awakening, called Diamond Body, or <a href=””>Rainbow Body</a>  and is considered the highest manifestation of enlightenment.

When we were conceived, the white seed essence of our father’s sperm and the red seed essence of our mother’s egg merged and catalyzed the creation our physical body. As the body further developed, our father’s white essence rose to the crown of our head, and the mother’s red essence descended below the navel.

At the time of death, the white seed essence of the father returns to it’s origin and descends into the heart, dissolving 32 qualities of anger that are liberated into absolute clarity. Next, the red seed essence of the mother rises into the heart, dissolving 40 qualities of attachment and clinging. All manifestations of attachment are liberated into an exceedingly powerful bliss. The mother and father seed essence then merge together in the heart where 8 qualities of ignorance dissolve. By this union, a powerful light is created and the opportunity to realize one’s true nature arises. Merging with this light frees one from rebirth and opens the opportunity to manifest in countless Buddhafields to benefit beings.

However, it is most difficult to realize our nature at the time of death. The majority of beings are overwhelmed by the power and beauty of the light and go unconscious. Energy practitioners have a much greater opportunity to merge with the light at death. This is why it is essential to cultivate a spiritual practice during our lifetime. You can begin your path by practicing the simple and direct methods of collapsing polarities through energetic cultivation of the Wheel of Joy, and the mind training of Emotional Alchemy.

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