Reawaken the sacred.

Hidden Radiance supports you in cultivating a deep connection with your inner wisdom; guiding you to utilize the natural laws and energetics underlying some of the oldest, most effective methods and philosophies for awakening.

Rachael Johnson


A modern day, non-sectarian Taoist, Rachael has a deep reverence for nature and the wisdom traditions of the world. She has trained primarily within Tibetan Buddhist and Taoist traditions since 2008. After spending many years integrating various awakening techniques supported with both traditional and scientific insights, Rachael has distilled the essence of her experience into a four pillared system for balanced, dynamic and powerful spiritual development. She calls this synthesis Ku Shen, which means “valley spirit” or primordial essence.


She has trained in several healing modalities, from somatic bodywork to sound healing. Debuting at Alex Grey’s Chapel of Sacred Mirrors in 2005, Rachael’s gong healing immersions have touched thousands of lives, bringing people experiences deep relaxation, visionary states and cellular rejuvenation. She offers immersive sound healing experiences and practitioner training.

Reawaken Your Intrinsic Nature


Awakening is one of the most natural processes a human being can undergo, yet it is often shrouded in mystery. Everything needed to awaken resides within your own body. Ku Shen, translating to “valley spirit” or primordial essence, is a simple method to access your body’s wisdom and unlock the door to awakening. Within the system of Ku Shen, there are four essential pillars of training for balanced, dynamic and sustainable spiritual development. These pillars are:


Foundation | a daily practice that provides structure and mental purification.


View | correct motivation and understanding of one’s practice.


Himori | virtue and right action designed to restore balance between self and the world, thereby increasing good fortune and the ability to dispel obstacles.


Tsa Lung | meaning “wind channel”, generates the prana or chi needed to awaken.

Rachael’s brilliant spiritual guidance has inspired a revolution of consciousness for me. I entered our first session with no expectations and no real context to understand it, and organically and effortlessly had one of the most powerful energetic experiences of my life. Since then, I have deepened my practice and fostered a new relationship with my soul, and it has upgraded every area of my life. Rachael’s unique gifts are too precious not be shared with the world, and I feel so blessed to have the opportunity to work with her. No matter what your existing spiritual practice or beliefs, learning her remarkable system will take your life to an entirely new level in profound ways.

Mat Shaffer

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“Sensitive and healing vibrations from a devoted gong master.”

Alex Grey

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“I have had the extreme good fortune of experiencing the unfabricated healing blessings of Rachael Johnson on several occasions and find her to be a true and superlative healer. I can only suggest that whosoever seeks her hand and spirit in support of their healing & spiritual processes is very lucky indeed to meet with such a rare opportunity.”

Lama Rangbar Nyimai Ozer

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“Rachael has an amazing ability to find the exact spot that needs healing and energy. Her touch is gentle and comforting. I highly recommend her work!”

Dr. Wendy Davis Ph.D

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"Meditation with Rachael is like stepping into the most wise and enlightened version of yourself that experiences what we’ve all read about. You experience within minutes the bliss and quiet awareness that we truly are…. just by being in a certain posture.  It’s wild and yet crazy simple."

Patrtick Ywise

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"While practicing meditation with you tonight, for the first time ever I saw my thoughts floating inside my head. I was totally amazed and caught off guard. All the words appeared written in gold color energy. It was like I was separated from my mind. I would see all my thoughts appearing and disappearing. It was the most amazing cool thing.”

Joshua Bourke

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“I was acutely aware of Rachael’s serene and intuitive essence coming through her touch. I felt as though I was flowing through a gentle river in a shaded, lush forest -- being softly peeled open to tranquil shapes, colors and inner awarenesses. My attempt to describe the deeply profound healing of her essence really does not come close to honoring her. Still, I want to acknowledge the Beauty of her exquisite Art.”

Rivka Malter

“Wow! After our session, for the first time in at least 5 yrs, my intuitive visions are coming back. As you work on me, you touched every spot that had some kind of physical problem, without me even telling you about it.  The gentleness and precision of your work has really helped me open up and let go of the past. Thank you so much!”

Robin A.

"Rachael is a woman of great presence. As a guide in Ku Shen, she has a nice balance of sweet and playful with wisdom and power. So why wait for enlightenment? It’s here and now and always has been.”

Luck Prior

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“My friend and I arrived to the concert early so we could lay directly in front of the GONGS, (they deserve capitals). The sounds dissolved us. We were physically altered, unable to raise more than our eyelids for about 45 minutes after everyone else had gone home. It made me profoundly aware of the power sound vibration has, and its transformational potential. Rachael’s GONGS alter the body’s vibration to the point where blockages simply slip up and away between the spaces created by the sounds. The density that kept them bound is dissolved by the vibration of the tones. It’s very trippy! And VERY cool.”

Joy Phoenix